Perhaps the oldest profession that women have done for free is called motherhood. A mom works 24/7, non-stop, no time off for being sick and the last one she tends to think about is herself.  A new mom tends to a crying baby, diaper changes and late nights. As the child grows the demands change but it never ends.  I am not saying that being a mom is unrewarding, I am a mother of one and love every minute of it. The stress and demands of motherhood in our day is very prominent as working women or stay at home moms.  I haven’t yet touched on the toll that having a baby takes on our body. Let’s first talk about how do we cope with the constant changes of what it takes to be a mom. So, how do we cope? I firmly believe the most important topic is making sure that mom stays healthy. A woman’s health begins even before she has baby in arms and continues long after.  As a fitness professional, I am here to share with you the benefits of being active while pregnant and how to regain control of your new body after baby. A few simple tips that I have for soon-to-be, new or even seasoned moms:

Stay physically active as directed by your doctor of course.

Listen to your body and know that it’s OK to slow down.

Familiarize yourself with the diverse community of professionals that are available for you throughout each step of motherhood.  

Together let’s put our best foot forward and empower each other with knowledge and support.

I will be speaking on the topic of prenatal and postpartum fitness, the changes of one’s body and the benefits of effective movement during this time. Come out and see me at Noon on Friday, the 15th @ Athleta in Atlantic Station located at 265 18th St Nw, Atlanta, GA.