Brandie Park is one accomplished woman. This native Georgian is the President and CEO of AGI Atlanta. I was asked to speak to Brandie’s CEO group (Vistage) last year to discuss optimal training and health strategies. Lisa Dugan, the chair of the group, asked me to come in and go over some of our tried and true strategies for getting highly successful (extremely busy) in the best shape of their lives. It was a glorious morning and I was thrilled at the chance to talk through what we do at Atlanta Strength and Conditioning.

It was several weeks after that presentation that I got an email from her wanting to come train with us. Brandie, in addition to being a very successful businesswoman, is rock star mother to her son Macgregor (10) and daughter Kathleen (7).  She and her husband Brad live an extremely active lifestyle and Brandie wanted to see what impact our training could have on her. Her training has been fantastic and we’re really seeing some tremendous results. We wanted to share her story with you as an inspiration to others that smart training can open up so many opportunities to enjoy the things in life that truly matter.

What has been the most valuable part of your training with ATLSC?
I truly enjoy the opportunity to challenge my body and mind in ways I’ve never experienced before. It feels great to get stronger and I’m seeing the direct benefit to my life outside of the gym.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the gym?
The weightlifting has been an eye opener. I have been afraid to do that on my own without training on the proper form but now it’s amazing to discover muscles I wasn’t aware existed. I walk out of the gym with more energy than I had coming in the door.

How has your training impacted the rest of your busy life?
That one is easy. I have way more time every week to spend with my family and career. I feel like I’m getting better results in less time. It’s been amazing what just two days a week of training has done for me. I’m also noticing a huge difference with all the other activities I enjoy. My yoga practice has gotten so much better as I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve got the extra energy I need to keep up with my kids.

Brandie embodies everything we look for in a member. She’s smart, motivated and up for a challenge. Brandie, we are excited to work with you and look forward to sharing in your continued accomplishments.