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Coach Kory Muehlhauser is a former finance dynamo. After giving up the corporate world to raise her two amazing children, she quickly became frustrated with trying to reclaim her pre-pregnancy fitness. It was only a few short months after joining the Atlanta Strength and Conditioning gym as a member her eyes were opened to the very real benefits of weight training and proper nutrition. Kory committed herself to learning as much about health and our training methods as she could. Her goal is to teach and share with other women the lasting and empowering benefits to strength training.

Kory FamilyKory is a certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and USA Weighlifting certified level 1 coach. She understands the demands of balancing career, family and health.

If you’re a woman whose frustrated with dieting, slogging countless miles on the trail or treadmill or trying to manage your own health between the demands of your children, let Kory help you see how fun and easy looking and feeling your best can be.

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