Not officially 50 until July, Louise joined the gym through a program we offer to moms after dropping off their kids at school. She attends our conditioning class a few days a week and supplements that with personal training to focus on her strength. The rest of her time is spent on her amazing family and the occasional trip to the beach. She’s getting stronger each and every month and enjoying the process of learning what it takes to look and feel her best.

In a recent training session, Louise spilled the beans on a little secret. In preparation for this year’s Spring break, she decided to purchase a two-piece bathing suit. She confessed she couldn’t remember the last time she even considered the idea. We train to get stronger. We train to enhance our lives. We train to feel great. We are so proud of Louise. It will be fun to celebrate you again later this year when you turn the big STRONG 50! How much fun to have a few college kids chasing you around the beaches of Mexico for a picture!!!

Thank you Louise! Every day we get to spend working with you is a gift and it is beyond thrilling that we get to share in your accomplishments.