Meet one of our elite athletes & personal training clients, Meredith Ogburn. She just signed an athletic scholarship to Oregon State University for rowing, and is now training for her Team USA trials. She does personal training with our Owner / Head Strength & Conditioning coach Chris Romano, as well as participates in our CrossFit and barbell programs. So basically, she lives with us at the gym. When she isn’t doing personal training, CrossFit class or barbell class, she’s doing open gym. Here’s her story:

Meredith, how did you find Atlanta Strength & Conditioning?

Google (lol). I emailed the gym and the rest is history

What made you decide to train with us is stead of one of the other gym options in the area?

There are a lot of gyms that are closer to me, but I knew I had to find a qualified coach who has experience with other rowers. I like how there’s a lot of variety with training, a gym I tried going to last spring just had CrossFit and it was too much with my training load. It’s nice to be able to just come in and squat on heavy training days.

What kind of results have you seen while training with Atlanta Strength & Conditioning?

Before I started coming I didn’t even know how to squat properly (#tb to the box squat era😭😂). I’ve gained muscle/strength in my legs, back, shoulders and core which has made a big speed difference for rowing.

Now that you have an athletic scholarship what are your goals?
I’m working towards getting faster/stronger for the USA u23 national team trials.

What is your favorite thing about training at Atlanta Strength & Conditioning?

I can’t pick just one so I’ll name a few. The coaches and members here are very positive, encouraging, and constantly push you to be a better athlete (and person). I spend more time here than at my own house so.. it’s like my home away from home! I also really love it when people bring free food for the gym – remember that the next time you comin.

What would you say to other high school juniors and seniors looking to do extra strength and conditioning to get a scholarship?

It’s definitely worth doing, even with school and rowing I found time to lift early in the morning (yes I actually woke my ass up before 7:30am once upon a time) because strength training once or twice a week just isn’t going to be enough if you want to train at a high level.