As we ring in the new year, everyone is focused on setting new health & fitness goals for 2018 and reflecting on their accomplishments from 2017. This is a busy time of year for gyms, as any good coach or trainer wants to meet with their clients and discuss where the new year is going to take them.

For my personal training clients, my group fitness clients, as well as anyone reading this blog, I want to take this opportunity to discuss some important aspects about achieving your goals. My goal is to prevent my clients from falling into the 80% of people who give up on their New Years goals within the first 6 weeks of the year.

Any goal you set needs to be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, reasonably obtainable, and time-oriented. What that means is you need to determine a specific goal that you want to achieve within a specific time frame, and tell someone about it to hold yourself accountable. An example of a SMART goal could be, “Hey Coach Cris, I want to lose 5% body fat by the end of March”. A poorly created goal would be, “I want to tone up for the summer”. See the difference? We all know what 5% is, and we all know when the end of March is. But what exactly defines “tone” and when is this “summer” deadline? Vague, lofty goals sound great for New Year’s resolutions, but more defined SMART goals provide measurable success.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to consult the appropriate resources to help you achieve your goals. That’s where a great personal trainer, fitness coach, nutritionist, or dietitian would step in. Here, at Atlanta Strength & Conditioning, we are rolling out a new Goal Setting program, where participants can schedule one on one meetings with the appropriate trainer or coach to help reach their goals. For example, if you set a nutrition or strength-based goal, you’d meet with Coach Cris. If your main goal is getting your first pull-up, you’d meet with Coach Ace. Most quality gyms that value their members will offer a program similar to this, so even if you’re not one of our clients, ask your trainer/coach about setting up a session to set your goals for the year. If you are one of our clients or would like to inquire about becoming one of our clients (either on site or a remote client), please email to schedule your first Goal Setting meeting. Here’s to another successful year of achieving goals!A1D8E06B-F8EC-4DF6-ABF0-BE14F761E977