Untitled designWelcome to motherhood and the topic hardly anyone else wants to talk about, pelvic floor health and what happens if you don’t keep it healthy. The pelvic floor is after all a group of muscles that just so happen to hold up vital internal organs and build the base of your core. Growing baby adds downward pressure and the expansion of your hips can result in a weakened pelvic floor. The symptoms range from peeing yourself at the most inopportune time to worst case scenario of prolapse.  A condition where your organs fall out through your vagina due to a weak pelvic floor.  Again prolapse is worse case scenario and it doesn’t happen to everyone. For those of you who need to satisfy your curiosity go ahead and click the link to start your own research. So you now see why other people might not want to discuss this topic but understand why it is necessary. 

There are lots of opinions out there about keeping fit during your pregnancy and how to get “your body” back after baby. Well momma just like you have a new beautiful baby on your hands you also have a beautiful new body as well. I look at social media promotions and famous names and see all of these skinny and fit new moms only a few months after pregnancy. Well, kudos to those that can accomplish that right away but a mom’s primary focus should be on the health of her pelvic floor as the first step to recovery.  If the fitness goal is focused on anything else that would be like building a brand new amazing home with no foundation that one day will realize, there is no solid base and will begin to topple over.

Conversations, I often hear about from moms even those with 10-12 year old kids, go as followed: “yeah I pee my pants a little when working out or sometimes when I sneeze.” What?? Hold the phone!! Yes, I did just say those types of conversations are common. The common place of peeing yourself should not be accepted pre or post-baby as normal because it is NOT. Momma no matter how old or how many kids you have you should not have to wear a diaper as part of your daily routine. 

Let’s take our focus from how I “should” look to how my body should function and then the rest should fall into place.  Together we no longer accept peeing our pants as the norm so let’s get to work.