We train to get stronger. We train to feel better. We train to be ready for whatever life throws at us. Life has thrown a few fun things our way these past few weeks. This seemed like a great way to kick off a Monday. Here are just a few of the amazing things that have been going on here at Atlanta Strength and Conditioning:

Stacie M. hits lifetime PR on trap bar deadlift stacie deadlift

Tara N. completed her first TSC along with a deadlift PR

Nathan H. completed his first BW Sled Ladder

IMG_4357Jessica P. completed her first BW Sled Ladder

Coach Lauren finally got that press and is now a certified SFG

TSC collageCoach Kory rocked her first TSC and hit a lifetime PR on deadlift

Coach Christine hit a new deadlift PR

Coach Selena took on her first TSC and PR’d her snatch

Selena Arm HangCongratulations to all our coaches and members for chalking up some huge accomplishments these past few weeks. Special thanks to everyone that came out this Saturday as we hosted the Tactical Strength Challenge. It was great to see Sam, Charles C, Robert, Josh & Meredith.