Stacie Metcalfe has been a member of our gym for several years.  She grew up in the Atlanta area and is an amazing mother to her teenage son who attends The Lovett School.  Stacie frequents our noon STAC classes and also follows a custom training program I developed for her to reach her strength goals more quickly.  We asked Stacie a few questions about her experiences inside and outside of the gym.

Stacie TGUWhat are your favorite activities in the gym?

Of course my favorites are the big lifts, but I also enjoy the farmer’s carry, pushing the sled, and hammer slams.  I believe all of those are functional exercises that relate to real life.

You participated in a GoRuck Challenge with a team from our gym in 2014.  Will you describe that experience?

Aside from childbirth, which has had an everlasting, lifelong impact, I would say that doing the GoRuck in 2014 was the most challenging activity, mentally and physically, that I’ve ever done.  I was way out of my league in strength, but it wasn’t about that.  For me, it was about finding what was my 110% and not quitting.  Remembering back to the GoRuck helps me get through some of the long workouts we do in the gym. I think to myself, “well, if nothing else, it won’t take me 12 hours to do!”

We know you love the outdoors and are always heading out on hikes.  How often are you going out on long hikes?

My motivation isn’t really going out for a long hike per se.  I definitely want to get my mileage up to longer and longer hikes but right now I just want to get out every week and try to find someplace I haven’t been before.  There are so many places around the area that it is often hard to decide where to go, but I know that I have the strength and endurance to get me to my destination!

Will you tell me about the rock towers that you build on hikes?

These are called cairns (pronounced kerns).  They can also be called rock stacking or rock balancing.  They are known for marking trailheads.   In the Buddhist community they are known for creating balance and meditation.  Honestly, I just do it because it’s something to do and it’s fun and can be challenging if you are anxious or trying to rush things, which is a good lesson in life.  

 Stacie, we have enjoyed watching you get stronger and reaching your goals over the last few years.  We are lucky to have you in the gym, and we appreciate your dedication.