Today our member highlight is Tara Noer. Tara hails from Missouri and has been in Atlanta for a little over four years now. She’s a super active mom. Spending much of her time chasing her two awesome kids around. Caleb is 10 and Ava 8 years old. They both attend East Side Elementary.
Tara has been a devotee to our Ladies training program. You can find her in the gym 2-3 days a week after dropping off the kids at school. She is always up for whatever challenge we throw in front of her and loves the effects of our strength training on her energy, confidence and figure.

We asked Tara a few questions:

What do you like most about Atlanta Strength and Conditioning?
I love the camaraderie and fun I get to have each and every week with other women in my classes. We train hard, laugh a ton and get to enjoy each other’s company outside the gym too.

What is your favorite exercise in the gym?
I’m a sucker for the kettlebell. Swings are awesome and I LOVE what they are doing for my body. Get Ups, deadlifts and squatting are all up on my list too. That kettlebell and me are becoming fast friends.

Do you have a favorite moment in the gym?
There was a day when we were all challenged to jump on the highest box possible. I was freaking out the entire time. In the end, I jumped on one that was 33 inches tall. Never in a million years would I have thought I could do that…but I did. It was awesome having all the other ladies in class cheering me on and encouraging me.

What’s the one thing you want others to know about the gym?
The coaches at my gym are out of this world. Everyone gets individual attention and a very personal experience. They keep the classes small so that each member gets the instruction they need to achieve their goals.

Thank you Tara for all your energy and constant willingness to be a rockstar.