East Cobb Weightlifting is designed to teach the sport of Olympic Weightlifting to beginners and to help perfect the form and technique of advanced weightlifters who either train in CrossFit or compete in the sport of Weightlifting. East Cobb Weightlifting is located at Atlanta Strength & Conditioning, along with CrossFit Vesuvio.

The coaching staff of ECW is led by head coach/ owner Chris Romano, who is a USAW Level 2 Coach, Crossfit Level 2 Weightlifting Trainer, USAPL Senior National Coach, and a competitive weightlifter himself, having lifted in the Arnold Classic, American Open Series, and part of Team USA in the 2017 Pan Americans.  Chris is also a Nike Weightlifting Athlete and a Virus Compression Gear Athlete. Chris’s ECW focus is on supplemental programming for those athletes looking for specific Weightlifting programming, to better their lifts or to compete on the platform. Coach Luis Santiago coaches the majority of ECW barbell club classes.

There are several ways to participate in East Cobb Weightlifting:

Barbell club membership: included with the Unlimited Atlanta Strength & Conditioning Membership ($185/Month), which includes all Crossfit, Barbell Club, Kettlebell, STAC, and Gymnastics classes.

Drop-in: if you’re a member of another CrossFit affiliate or a registered USAW club our single session drop-in rate is $15. If you’re a member of Team Georgia Weightlifting please contact Chris at

Tickets:  Atlanta Strength & Conditioning tickets can be used for any of our classes including barbell club. The rates are $25 per session/ $100 for 5 sessions/ $162 for 10 sessions

Individualized supplemental programming: this is designed to supplement a CrossFit program and get some extra Snatch and Clean & Jerk work. Coach Chris does the programming for this and it is customized based on the athlete’s goals and abilities.  Price ranges from $30-50 a month (ASC and CFV Members) or $40-60 month for non-members depending on if it’s for one lift or both lifts.

Full customized remote programming: this is available for the competition lifter who is unable to train on site at East Cobb Weightlifting, wherever you’re trying to improve your lifts for local meets, qualifying for a national or international meet.  Coach Chris will program your workouts specifically for your goals, and review video of certain lifts of each session. Please email to discuss your goals and rates.

Full customized programming & coaching on site: This is designed for the competition lifter who can come train at East Cobb Weightlifting. Coach Chris will program your workouts specifically for your individual goals and coach you one on one each session. Prices range from $90 for an hour session/ $800 for 10 sessions/ $1500 for 20 sessions.


We are excited to offer Members of East Cobb Weightlifting a 15% discount on Nike Weightlifting gear, through Coach Chris’s deal with Nike Weightlifting.


East Cobb Weightlifting is part of Team Georgia Weightlifting.

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